The Walker Style Shed

Size 6’3″ 7’6″
8x8 $2,795 $2,995
8x10 $3,095 $3,395
8x12 $3,445 $3,745
8x16 $3,795 $4,095
8x20 $4,095 $4,395
10x10 $3,145 $3,445
10x12 $3,595 $3,895
10x16 $4,195 $4,495
10x20 $4,795 $5,095
12x12 $4,195 $4,495
12x16 $4,795 $5,095
The Walker Shed is one of our most popular sheds as it incorporates all of the interior features as the Premium Shed, but it comes with a stainable rough cut Breckenridge 8” grooved vertical siding as standard.  The Walker also features the 6:12 pitched roof, giving it a taller profile and can handle a small loft or upper shelf for additional storage convenience.  The door is located under the gable, and in the taller 7’6” interior height option, the door can be installed on the eave side as well. 6/12 Pitch Roof, 2″X6″ Floor Joist, 3/4″ Tongue & Groove Plywood Sub Floor, Breckenridge Siding with Cedar Trim.

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Based on 2 Reviews
Pat P.
Pat P.
2016-01-04 12:18:55
I bought a home in October 2015. I needed more storage so I contacted Outbuilders to come out and go over what would fit nicely in my backyard. Kirk did a...
John A.
John A.
2014-12-03 09:18:35
I bought a large chicken coop from Outbuilders in 2013 for about $1000. Yes, it was expensive, but I had time constraints to consider, so I have no...