The Greenhouse

Size Walls 8′ tall
8x8 $1,695
8x10 $2,125
8x12 $2,395
8x16 $3,150
Size 8’6″ Interior
10x10 $2,495
10x12 $2,875
10x16 $3,775
10x20 $4,595

Our Greenhouses are very popular in Central Oregon for many different plan varieties. These Polycarbonate buildings hold up extremely well to all adverse weather conditions and are secured in the ground with large stakes. The clear material is certainly the most popular, however we have also built with a smoked Poly Carbonate material on the top portion of the roof to keep the super-hot Central Oregon sunlight and heat to a minimum. Our Greenhouses come with an opening 2’ x 2’ window with screens, foam “bug proof” weather stripping and a front door that can open to provide for cross ventilation. Greenhouses are available in either the 8’ or the 10’ width and can be as long as you’d like. This past year we even combined the Greenhouse Polycarbonate panel with the Better Barn to create a most versatile combination shed.