Frequently Asked Questions
Once I decide which shed I want, what do I need to do?
Just call 541-923-5064. We will set up a time to come to your home and look at your building site. We can answer any questions you may have about the building site or the model shed you wish to purchase. We then fill out a standard contract. In addition to the size and model of shed this will list any options you may wish to purchase. A down payment of 50% is required at time of signing. This will lock in your delivery day. The balance is due on completion.
Is my shed built on site or delivered already built?
All of our buildings are usually built on site. Exceptions can be made.
How soon can I get my shed?
This will depend on our work load at the time and weather conditions. Sheds 200 sq. ft. and smaller can usually be built within 1-2 weeks. The actual construction only takes a day. Larger buildings involving permits take somewhat longer depending on size.
Do I need to get a building permit?
Sheds up to 200 sq. ft. do not need a permit. For larger buildings the permit is included in the purchase price.
Can you match the shingles on my house?
Even though colors change over time we will make every effort to match your house. Is painting included in the price? With the exception of the Walker model, which uses a stain grade siding, our smaller storage sheds come primered a tan color with trim primered white. Painting is available at additional charge depending on the time of year. Our metal buildings come in your choice of color at no extra charge.
Does my building site need to be level?
We can accommodate a change in grade of up to 3 ½” over the length of the building for sheds smaller than 200 sq. ft. at no additional charge. For our larger buildings excavation will be included in the price.
Is Outbuilders Inc licensed, bonded and insured?
Yes. We have been in business since 1992 and our CCB# is 202031.

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Pat P.
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John A.
2014-12-03 09:18:35
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