The Economy Shed (Gable)

Size Walls 6’3″ Walls 7’6″
6x6 $1,695 $1,1795
6x8 $1,795 $1,895
8x8 $1,895 $1,995
8x10 $1,995 $2,095
8x12 $2,095 $2,195
8x16 $2,595 $2,795
8x20 $2,895 $3,095
10x10 $2,095 $2,195
10x12 $2,295 $2,495
10x16 $2,595 $2,795
10x20 $3,095 $3,295
12x12 $2,595 $2,795
12x16 $3,095 $3,295
The Economy Shed is a nice gable roofed shed without the overhangs on the roof eaves, a 2” x 4” floor joists, a simple door latch, 3:12 roof pitch and ¾” OSB floor decking.  This shed is designed for “saving money” and providing a quality space for your precious belongings.  The Economy Shed works well as a pump house for a well system, a storage shed, a tool room and a low cost shop or art room.  New this year you can even rent one of our Economy Sheds or Rustic shed by the month, with a three month minimum.

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Pat P.
Pat P.
2016-01-04 12:18:55
I bought a home in October 2015. I needed more storage so I contacted Outbuilders to come out and go over what would fit nicely in my backyard. Kirk did a...
John A.
John A.
2014-12-03 09:18:35
I bought a large chicken coop from Outbuilders in 2013 for about $1000. Yes, it was expensive, but I had time constraints to consider, so I have no...