The Loafing Shed

Size Price
8×12 $2,595
8×16 $2,895
8×20 $3,195
10×12 $2,995
10×16 $3,395
10×20 $3,795
12×12 $3,195
12×16 $3,795
12×20 $4,395
12×24 $4,995
Loafing Shelters are more and more popular with the various Llamas and Horses in our area. Outbuilders is now building a basic Loafing shed with a Lean To roof and just three walls as well as the Deluxe Loafing shed with a Salt Shed Gable Roof with the trimmed out front entry.  All Loafing sheds can be built with metal or asphalt shingles and your choice of the Breckenridge or paintable Smart Panel siding, same prices. This year we also added a new three sided Lean To Loafing Shed which works well for larger animals as well as an ideal storage shed for firewood and bus stops!