Advantages of Having Pole Barns Oregon

What is a pole barns Oregon? It’s not a building for storing poles. It’s a construction method designed for farms in the 1930s.

Unlike a traditional barn, pole barns do not have basements and have high ceilings. They are usually agricultural buildings with an open interior. Consider an equipment building or a stable for horses.

They were initially constructed using poles similar to a utility pole.

Throughout the years, building methods have improved. Consequently, contractors began using square columns, referred to as more straightforward to use than round poles. Nowadays, builders use laminated columns and trusses since they are more durable and well-defined than standard poles.

The terms post frame and pole barn are compatible. Both terms reference the same kind of building. Many individuals still make use of pole barns or pole buildings to define a post-frame structure.

Let’s examine the function and advantages of a pole building.


Pole barns are known for their versatility, which is one of their greatest advantages. Barns are often used as barns, but they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They’re becoming a popular choice for commercial properties, garages, as well as retail outlets. Pole barn buildings are the perfect solution for any business needing both high ceilings and low construction costs.

Having no foundation allows pole barns to be versatile. There is no need for a concrete slab or a perfect-level site for installing pole barns.


Pole barns are renowned for their affordability, as they require less materials, labor, and planning than other barn types. Those are three of the most significant expenses in constructing a new building, so reducing their costs can result in substantial savings.

The good news is that you can still incorporate things like full plumbing and HVAC systems into pole barns to make them feel like homes. Savings on the structure themselves may allow you to provide more amenities, even if the building is not as nice as it could be.


In every way, pole barns are customizable. A post-frame provider can help you design the structure that meets your needs, regardless of how you want the exterior to appear or what features you want included.

It is worth the effort and time to perfect any permanent structure. Pole barns can be customized in sizes, colors, and shapes, and your supplier can also help add functional features like vents and fans. With options such as skylights, Dutch doors, and wainscoting, the sky’s the limit when it comes to personalizing your new building.

East to Build

A product that has high quality, cost-effectiveness, and rapidity is hard to find in many industries. However, pole barns are an exception. Due to the fact that a lot of the construction is done off-site, the barn actually takes only days to build.

The only thing left is to drill the holes and assemble everything after the materials have been delivered to the building site. It is possible to build pole barns that do not have a foundation in a single week after everything is on-site, especially if they aren’t built with a full foundation.


The simple yet effective design of pole barns makes them ideal for almost any organization or recreation activity. Whether you need a simple storage building or a full-scale commercial facility, a pole barn can accommodate your needs.

Minimal Prep Work

Compared to traditional construction, pole barns require very little preparation. It will most likely take you an afternoon to get the building site ready unless you choose to have a foundation. Pole barns can be easily built by a few enthusiastic DIY enthusiasts rather than having to hire multiple pole barn builders in Oregon. Whether you hire some help or not, the short construction time makes it easy to schedule.

The best part is that these buildings go up quickly, so you won’t be in construction limbo for months before you can use them. For your pole barn, you need to choose the right supplier. Working with Outbuilders ensures you’ll get the highest quality materials and construction methods. To learn more about pole barn construction, contact Outbuilders today.