It’s not surprising that the economy is in worse shape even since before 2008 with the first crash. A new trend is happening and it’s called “tiny houses” or “micro houses”. About 2 years ago, we were approached by many people who were moving here buying property but they could not either lay down a foundation or could not afford to place a large house on it. They asked if we could turn our sheds into tiny homes or micro homes. Of course we can.

For a few thousand dollars, we can install a tiny house on your property (location subject to review) that you can use for anything. In example, a temporary home while you are building a larger one. Or we can build your dream cabin by the lake. Or even a hunting cabin for those who want a dry remote and comfy cabin to sleep and/or live in. We have it all. Tiny houses are getting popular and we the only Central Oregon shed builders that can build them.

Property and/or land is being purchased more than ever and tiny houses are being planted on it by the frugal. There are many articles all about people investing and going smaller. In example, they purchase larger pieces of land and place used sheds on them thus converting them into simple homes. We have built dozens and dozens of tiny houses in central Oregon with our Our Pacific Series, Cascade Cabin, Classic Gable and Walker Cabins.

We have witnessed people purchasing 5 acres of land and placing our tiny house for around $5,000! Imagine owning a home and property where you can visit for relaxation or as an investment? It’s the new thing and we are glad to be a part of it. If you are interested in purchasing property, our partner Kirk Sandburg is a Real Estate Agent for Coldwell Banker and can find you the perfect plan for a tiny house in Redmond, OR or a tiny house in Bend, OR or even a tiny house in Madras, OR. Outbuilders has the resources to build your perfect dream getaway!

So if you are going to build a tiny house in Prineville, OR or a tiny house LaPine, OR, then look no further than to Outbuilders. We are the largest storage shed, barn and tiny house builders in Central Oregon. Our track record says it all. Give us a call and our quote will surprise you!  

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