DIY Tiny House in Central Oregon

The trend with DIY tiny houses has become a social movement. People choose to downsize and live a simple and fulfilling life. Truly they know what “less is more” really means. Living in a DIY tiny house surely has amendments and sacrifices. But with thoughtful planning, and incorporating innovative designs, people who embrace the tiny house movement have the pleasure to enjoying their time with family, friends, and nature while sparing them from the burden of huge mortgages.

Even building a tiny house can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. So to help you with that, here are a couple of points for you to consider that will give you an overview of planning, construction and set up demands. Don’t fret, building a DIY tiny house it’s completely doable! Having a plan, being open to learning, and learning from other’s mistakes is the key.

Research & Planning

Determining what you want to have in your tiny house, all tiny houses have basic amenities that is somewhat a standard, but remember that it is you who will be living in your DIY tiny house so there must be amendments and sacrifices and you are the one who decides which features will be present in your tiny house. Make sure you have a strong, research-based construction plan.

Plan out your budget for materials and professional labor needed. Create a rough tiny house floor plan, and make sure on carefully planning out the space. Remember that every inch is crucial and could make a lot of difference with every fit for every item you put into your tiny house. Make sure to validate with people in the tiny house community, learn and talk to them and make sure learn from their mistakes while building your own DIY tiny house.


Building your DIY tiny house doesn’t have to be expensive. Sourcing available materials, you already have and searching though salvaged materials or even on craigslist can make a big difference in your finances. Things like the trailer, windows, lumber, appliances, and tools are the conditions you most need to consider. Also, sourcing for professionals that will do the labor that you are not knowledgeable of, in such cases with your electrical, gas lines, plumbing and HVAC.


You will simulate and think through how to construct your DIY tiny house from start to finish. This is where you map out the process on the mobility part of your trailer, and creatively play out each step of the building process in your mind to see where possible challenges transpire. Lastly, you need to time the arrival of your ordered building materials to when you exactly need them and make sure you have the right tools when building your DIY tiny house.

In everything that we do, we know that planning is the most vital step. So you have to take time and effort on your planning stage to make the most out of your labor and hard work. We cannot plan for the contingency that comes along, but with a strong and well-thought out plan, building your DIY tiny house will be fun and all worth it!

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