How to find or buy a Horse Shelter in Central Oregon (Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Sisters, La Pine & Madras)

Horses need covering every now and then. In the cold weather, a healthy horse can withstand the elements without any issues, however, when it rains, they actually roam to seek out shelter. Rain Rot (rain scald – streptothricosis) is one of the most common forms of issues horses face when in rain, but that is reserved for more warm climates (tropics) and rare in places like Bend, OR. However, it is quite common for older horses to retire here and they definitely need shelter from the elements, therefore you must have some type of horse shelter built on your property even in the high desert.

What kind of horse shelters are there? Well, there are several types that come in wood, metal, tent, rock/dirt or plastic:

Bank Barn

A bank barn is one that is built into a hill or slope (dirt, mud, sand or rock). These are hard to build because of our lava bed rock. It’s common to see old bank barns made of lava rock on one side and wood on the other since settlers here in Oregon didn’t have the machinery to dig up the lava rocks around here.

Run-In Shed (Loafing Shed)

A run-in shed or “loafing shed” is a wooden structure that is horizontal in nature. It is what the words state they are. A Shed a horse can run in to. Loafing Shelters are more and more popular with the various Llamas and Horses in our area.

Box Stall

A box stall is a place inside a barn where an animal has room to roam around freely. Some barns were built to store perishables, however it is not uncommon to remodel one with additional box stalls in them for animals.


A lean-to is a simple shelter that leans against a wall. You see these often on the outside of barns for equipment storage, animal shelters and other things. Lean-to’s are perfect for Central Oregon and really easy to build.

If you’re interested in a horse shelter for your animal, roam around your property first and inspect the terrain. If you have a barn, you can easily make a box stall or lean-to by yourself. All you need is material and some carpentry skills. If the project seems a bit overwhelming and you need professional representation, then consider for your Horse Shelter needs.