Outbuilders Is Growing!

Projecting the business volume that works best for our organization is necessary to keep the management team developing new products and better systems as well as to keep our staff fully employed and motivated in building the finest quality of storage sheds, greenhouses, car port, porches, barns, garages, chicken coups, horse shelter and pole barns available.

At our annual meeting, we sit and discuss all of the various aspects of our business. We discuss the positives and the negatives of the year in review. Being new business owners, we did not have any of the previous year’s records from the original owner, so creating a plan from the first two years of operation was essential in our minds. It was very interesting seeing the number of sheds built over the past year and first year and the relationship of new sheds built per their location to Central Oregon.

We also have implemented many new systems to assist in the sales and marketing processes and the production of our various outbuildings. The key to the quality of our various storage sheds, lean to buildings on the side of homes or garages as well as independent of another structures has to do with the roof truss system. We are able to produce all of our roof trusses in house at our Redmond construction plant for our smaller sheds. Larger pole barn buildings and garages often take outsourcing the trusses to local companies that are able to build these larger roof trusses to the snow load engineering required in the various sites of Central Oregon. After all, we build our customized sheds and pole barns everywhere from literally across the street in Redmond on Evergreen St. to as far away as Spokane, Madras, Warm Spring, Gilchrist, Millican and west of Sisters.

One helpful ingredient to our success this year was in upgrading and re-designing our webpage and our exposure to the various internet social medial connections. We were able to partner with a local website and social media engineer this winter in getting things moving along really well for Outbuilders. Among the many items that we were able to add were writing articles, media posts, social networking, website linking, tweeting and search engine optimization. Our website is fully compliant with Google and Bing analytics including document, bookmark, power point, and content sharing.

The goal of Outbuilders is to construct one outbuilding every day of the year. By building over 200 storage sheds, car ports, micro house, tall barns, better barns, green houses and walker sheds in and amongst a few taller pole barns and garages, our team of 4 members can be very successful in finishing on time. We certainly can concentrate on selling buildings within a 50-mile radius of our Bend/Redmond operations. We take pride in responding back to every call or email request within a 24 hour period and can set up an onsite meeting with each of our customers just as soon as they are ready to put their shed order together. The aspect of customer service and responding back to our potential customers is essential for our success and a key ingredient to continuing to be the largest on-site storage shed provider in Central Oregon.

As important as replying back to our new customers and taking care of their new outbuilding needs and requests, is that of serving our current clientele. Outbuilders have constructed thousands of storage sheds since the inception of the company in 1992. It is our responsibility and desire to make sure that all of these pump houses, mini barns, storage sheds, green house, pre built sheds and offices are working to their original desired plan. By offering each and every customer our 5-year warranty, we keep in touch with our past clients in a variety of ways. Be it our annual updated newsletter or helping build new structures for their family and friends, we see and hear back from many happy Outbuilding customers every year. It is fun and unique in seeing how many satisfied customers there are in Central Oregon. We have built as many sheds within the city limits of the various Central Oregon communities as outside of them. We build and clean up for you onsite within a day on most of our outbuildings. Shopping at a nationally known box store like costco shed, lowes shed or even a home depot shed might not be the best answer for you. So, if you are thinking for a new storage shed in your backyard or on the side of your house, look no further than us! Outbuilders Is Growing!

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