A stockpile for storage shed adds more space and cleans clutter

Many people have a stockpile of things packed into the corner of a garage or in their closets to sometimes sitting outside under the side roof of a house. Homes look better from the outside when they are in a structure like a lean to shed or a separate shed next to your house.

Adding space to your outside and inside home actually gives you a sense of accomplishment and offers the room the feeling of openness. Even if you purchase a loafer shed, you can turn it around so the people can’t see your clutter and the house from that perspective looks great.

Storage sheds like our classic gable are a simple setup by us and offers plenty of room. You can build shelves for canning, boxes, bikes, books or anything you need to store outside of the home and the shed allows your items to be preserved from the elements.

Tight spaces between fences and the house or next to trees aren’t a problem with Outbuilders. We have built sheds within inches of obstructions without any issues at all. We come and build the base so it’s level and then bring pre-built sides and roof from our factory in Redmond.

All material is made from Oregon cut trees and are environmentally safe. We do not add insulation or sheet rock but we can upon request for additional price. Insulation and sheet rock helps with storing perishables and other valuable items.

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