Need a Pump House but Not Quite a Builder? Hire a Pump House Builder!

Not all of us are gifted in building things. With all the technicalities and the outsourcing of materials, it’s all such a headache sometimes. But there are some things that need to be done on our properties, and in such cases, a pump house may be needed if you live on a farm in Central Oregon.

A pump house helps keep your water pump in excellent condition from freezing and contamination. It is also necessary to keep the pressure system warm and dry.

Having a strong and reliable pump house is a cost-effective investment that will spare you from potential costly maintenance. But how can you get one? Leave it to a professional and hire a pump house builder like us!

If you’re going to build one, we suggest turning your pump house into a secondary solution like an outdoor bathroom, a workshop or storage shed that will suit your current needs; thus a hybrid space.

We will share below the steps on how a pump house is built so you also have an overview of the building process.

Ground preparation and setting of the posts -This is where the digging and leveling takes place and securing a good foundation for your pump house.

The building of the sides front and back – Good insulation is a must for this part. Also, good materials should be used to protect against extreme weather.

Building and attaching of the door – Whether a simple door or a more advanced door for a secure pump house, it’s up to you.

Bundling up the roof and painting of the pump house – This is the final step wherein a roof is attached or built. And to make everything presentable and new, your color of choice comes in handy.

Painting the pump house is now just for the looks but also to protect it from snow, rain and other elements to help make it last longer.

Talk to us and schedule an appointment. Have your pump house built by professionals and save time and money!