Pole Barn Central Oregon – The Hottest Thing Now

Owning a pole barn in Central Oregon is the hottest thing right now. Central Oregon is littered with farm land for horses, cattle, alpacas, elk and all other sorts of animals. It also is a great place for crops as long as you are near a good water supply. If you are wanting to store perishables like hay, alfalfa, wheat, vegetables, grass, potatoes and seed, you will definitely need a pole barn. They are the most economically cheap and fastest way to shelter things from the elements.

Many buyers are actually looking for a pole barn on the property so you can raise the price of your estate if selling. Pole barns don’t necessarily help with the property value (in some cases it does – that is a later article), but many people are moving to Oregon interested in raising livestock and/or engaging in some type of farm life. The value all depends on steel versus wood when offering value. Many owners are more interested in steel. For example, many owners would turn it into a shop.

If adding value to the property, consider building it like a stable with a loft (high center section) and perhaps a shed wing on each side where you can have a carport or patio. Homeowners dream about these types of properties where they can rent out space to help cash flow. What’s appealing is not a box but rather a building with all sorts of options for fun, comfort and space. The more options you offer visibly, the more appealing it looks to new homeowners.

Central Oregon has extreme wind, cold and at times, snow. These elements are these barns are built. Hobby enthusiasts love these shops for exotic cars, painting room, man cave or workshop. The hottest thing right now is using the pole buildings for a home based business. The shop acts as work and the home acts as home. One can go back and forth with the comforts of walking versus driving. And not only that, they use the shops for all types of things like storage and the like. Paint it to match your home and now you have a good looking estate!

We wrote a good article here all about pole barn supply. Also, here is a good article about 3 myths that pertain to pole barns that we think you would benefit from.