The Shed Guys Versus Outbuilders – Competitive Comparison

Central Oregon caters mostly to Central Oregonians and when it comes to buildings sheds, one usually shops locally. When searching for outdoor storage sheds online, it’s common to see The Shed Guys when searching in Central Oregon. The problem is they are located in Central Point, OR close to Medford off of I-5. The Shed Guys charges for delivery for anything over 70 miles and the odds of them building a shed so far away from their shop is rare. The cost to build a shed from Central Point doesn’t make economic sense for them, but we did some more investigation anyways.

The Shed Guys competitively are close to Outbuilders but with many small missing details:

– They will not build sheds over 100 miles from their campus (unless you beg)

– They do not publicly display their pricing (hiding price is common if one wants more in a sale)

– They have less products to choose from (they do not do pole barns)

– They are a smaller company and build less products than Outbuilders

– Less customization work

– Not local

– Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Now, that doesn’t mean that they are a bad company. They actually have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and there are no ripoff reports filed against them. But, they have no online reviews via Google or through the Better Business Bureau. They have 2 reviews on Yelp, one positive and one negative and have a 4 star rating, which is normal.

As for pricing, there are subtle differences, but in the end Outbuilders is way cheaper. If they did build one in Central Oregon, it would cost 1/3rd more just in gas alone to get there. So what is the competitive difference between The Shed Guys and Outbuilders? Well, it’s pretty obvious. If you live in the Rogue Valley area, you must contact them as we think they will do just as good as a job as we would. But if you live in Central Oregon, the latter choice is obviously us.