Useful Tips in Choosing an Outdoor Storage Shed

There are several things to consider before deciding to buy an outdoor storage shed. There are obvious factors such as size, cost, and perhaps even color and style, but you shouldn’t stop there. Storage sheds can be significant investments as they can last for about 10 to 20 years if properly managed. You will make the best choice in the long run by asking a few more questions at the outset.

Choose The Right Building Material

You can select from many different building materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic. If you want to protect your assets against harsh weather, you should buy the one that meets all your requirements.

More and more people are becoming interested in metal sheds. In the past, metal sheds were prone to corrosion and rust; however, steel has become a popular building material because it is anti-corrosive. Moreover, galvanized steel is used for commercial buildings to guarantee maximum strength and durability.

In addition, metal buildings cost less than wooden sheds.

Sheds made from wood are expensive and prone to rotting and warping, as well as fires accidents. On the other hand, plastic sheds may be cheaper, but they can’t provide you with the strength and longevity you need.

Zoning and HOA rules

Call your city officials to find out if any zoning laws restrict the size or purchase of sheds. Generally, sheds up to a certain size-typically 120 square feet-can be built without prior approval under zoning laws, but there may be restrictions on placement.

Additionally, if you are a member of a homeowners association, make sure to check the bylaws. There may be a requirement for keeping your shed at a certain distance from the property line. Local zoning laws in some areas require sheds to be at least 3 feet from the property line.

Another zoning issue is the height of the shed. It is not worth the money and effort to purchase and install a shed only to learn that you are breaking the law.

Customized Accordingly

Originally designed as storage areas, outdoor sheds are now multipurpose buildings. Thus, it is not surprising that homeowners buy accessories to spruce up their homes. Most homeowners put plants in their sheds to improve their appearance. At the same time, some install skylights and windows to let in natural light.

Accessories may seem whimsical, but they are crucial to the transformation of your outdoor shed. Accessories can give your outdoor shed that extra ” wow” factor and make it stand out from the rest.


A broad entryway will allow you to fit your largest piece of equipment, such as a gas snow blower or a lawn tractor. Once inside, it would help if you had plenty of space left over. Outdoor storage buildings of at least 8 by 10 feet usually have double doors, making this less concern.

Do-it-yourself or hire a pro?

If you would rather have the majority of the work done for you, choose a shed from your local home improvement store – they will deliver and assemble it for you. You may do an online search by typing “Outdoor Sheds Near Me” But, if you are proficient in DIY and wish to save some money, consider outdoor storage building kits that come with instructions. You will need carpentry skills and tools to build a woodshed. A metal or plastic shed can be assembled in about a day by two average homeowners.

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