Why Choose a Metal Storage Building than Wooden and Plastic Counterparts?

I’ll make it simple and straight forward – if you are thinking of what would be the best storage building, either a metal, wooden or plastic, a metal storage building might be a better choice for you. While not as appealing as a wood shed or as mobile as a plastic version, they still outweighed many cons and hailed as an “all-year-rounder.” Although, it will still depend upon your personal preference. To convince you about this opinion, I give you some of the pros and cons of having a metal storage building.

First is the durability of metal. Durability is one of the major pros of owning a metal storage building. Most metal sheds are made of either steel or galvanized aluminum. Metal storage buildings are designed to shelter your lawn equipment, garden supplies, tools, etc., from the rain, snow, and wind. But still you have to check the quality of the metal shed you are going to purchase; there is a considerable difference in strength and performance between the cheap metal sheds and premium ranges. It’s all about the metal.

Another advantage is that metal storage buildings are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate whatever you have to store. But realistically, wooden ones come in all sizes too. Also, it’s easy to pair a lean-to with a metal shed to create even more storage space, yet a wooden one as well. Metal sheds can be more expensive (considering its efficiency other than wood or plastic sheds), and you can always opt for one with a garage door for easy access to larger items if needed.

Lastly, some people think of metal storage buildings’ appearance to be a downside. Metal sheds now are available in different colors, but they stand out like a sore thumb. You can choose a color that blends with the look of your property or just your favorite color, but it doesn’t change the fact it is metal. Although they will never achieve the look of a wooden shed, metal storage buildings can go well with the environment as many manufacturers now produce green and earth-toned metal sheds.

To summarize, metal buildings have very few downsides and are a Central Oregon favorite, however, they are hard to construct without renting cranes due to the number of heavy parts, but once assembled they require almost no maintenance and have excellent corrosion and pest resistance. Also, most metal storage building comes with a long term warranty. Do we build metal buildings? No, ours are wood. And yes, we recognize that this article goes against our products, but we want to be fair about what a client wants and sometimes, we steer them this way.

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