3 Reasons Why You Must Move Your Storage Shed Redmond Oregon

Moving a storage shed Redmond Oregon, can be gruelling and daunting, whether you’ve just moved house or are organizing your current garden.

Moving a storage shed to a new spot may appear implausible, but it occurs more often than you’d think. While it can be risky, it is possible – even without any expensive equipment. 

Why Move Your Shed?

Below we’ve compiled a list of reasons you might want to move your shed before following our step-by-step guide. The list below may give you pause or make you reconsider your decision. Check it out and make a decision!

Due To The Weather

You just bought a new house. You realize a week later that the previous owner placed the shed in an awkward spot in the garden. A divot collects rainfall near the current location, and water flows down a small slope and gathers at the shed’s base.

This could eventually degrade the foundation and damage any belongings inside. In such a situation, your safest and best option is to move your shed to a better spot.

Using Your Garden Space More Effectively

You’re lucky if you live in a well-designed apartment or house with a well-designed yard! However, a bit of garden cleanup wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

You may not be able to access a certain part of the garden because of the location of your current shed, and the space may not be utilized efficiently.

You can increase the functionality of your garden by optimizing your backyard space.

Relocating your shed may be the most practical option for you to enjoy your outdoor living space more while reorganizing.

You Consider Your Neighbors

Legal developments include garden sheds. Construction usually does not require planning permission, and it’s best to learn about any local rules and regulations before installing.

If you’ve moved in and a shed is in a bad spot, it might be worth moving it. The same goes for building a shed without consulting any laws and regulations.

Most local governments have rules about how close your shed can be to your house or fence. We do this to prevent infringement on others’ property. Your neighbours may be able to file a complaint or charge against you if your shed violates these rules.

If you choose to ignore the council’s warning and keep your shed, you risk a hefty fine. But with this guide, you can avoid all that. Our experts have compiled these simple steps to help you move your shed quickly and easily, preventing future worries.

Disclaimer: If you want to move your shed but don’t have a wide enough path from your back garden to the road, you’ll have to disassemble it. Unless a crane is used.

Tools You Will Be Needing:
  • An outbuilding trailer with log rollers.
  • jacks or a forklift
  • Straps to bolster it
  • Dolly – if moving a shed within the same yard.
  • Crane – for unloading a large garden structure.

For more information on how to move your portable storage buildings redmond oregon, stay tuned for the next article.

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