Should You Use Rental Sheds Central Oregon Or Buy a Storage Shed?

gardening tools, and children’s toys. Most homeowners love to stash away their stuff in the garage, but then clutter quickly accumulates when too many things are tucked away in the exact location. Keeping these items in a separate area such as a shed or storage unit is more convenient. But how can you determine which option works best for you? Using this guide, you can decide whether you must use rental sheds central oregon or purchase a storage shed.

Considering Timeline and Budget

The two most significant factors in your decision are your budget and timeline. Is the cost of storage justified in light of the results? If so, are you getting your money’s worth? Is your storage only needed for a few months? Therefore, buying a 12×12 foot storage shed for around $2,000 to $3,000 makes little sense.

An average storage unit costs $30 to $180 per month, depending on its size and quality. Those with climate control cost $50 to $225 more per month. Renters can find deals where they can receive a discount if they rent more than one unit or receive their first month at a low price. Renting is the most practical option if you need storage for just a few months. In comparison, prefab sheds are better for long-term use if you need a secure place to store equipment you need access to immediately or lawn and gardening equipment.

Protecting Delicate Possessions

Do you need to store valuable items in a low-humidity environment at a stable temperature? A climate-controlled space in your home or a climate-controlled storage unit is ideal for storing these items. An outdoor storage shed cannot guarantee the preservation of delicate items. Furthermore, a storage facility with no climate control is not ideal.

If you are storing electronic items, antique furniture, or stamps, thus use a climate-controlled unit, or install a mini-split HVAC system. Based on their complexity and size, mini-splits can cost $2,000 to more than $10,000 to install, and those costs do not even include the price of constructing your shed.

Even after storing your items for more than a year, it becomes more affordable to rent a climate-controlled unit. Additionally, moisture and mold damage can be prevented, thus saving you money because your valuable assets will not deteriorate.

How Often Do You Need Your Stuff?

A shed is an innovative solution if you have items you don’t usually need in your garage but would still like to keep close. There’s no need to travel to a storage unit to retrieve a few items, including ladders, hammers, garden equipment, motor oil, and tools that are hardly ever used. Besides keeping your home more organized, this method makes your daily life easier. A shed can pay for itself the longer you use it because it is a permanent, long-term solution.

A storage unit is a viable option to store seasonal decorations or sports equipment such as a motorbike. It will save you money because you will not need to purchase a shed, but you can also keep the items hidden — away from your garage — until they’re needed. It will also save you upfront costs.

Do You Own a Vacation Home?

If you own several rental properties, then you know the struggle of worrying about your belongings when you’re away. Locking up your shed can provide some security, but there’s no substitute for storing items in a facility that has security and CCTV. Since there are so many storage facilities in the U.S., you’re sure to find one that’s close to your home.

Even though it’s possible to store some items in a shed on your vacation property, valuable items such as ski equipment, vehicles, furniture, etc., are better kept in a rental storage unit with professional storage supervisors to monitor who comes and goes.

Have You Ever Considered Building a Shed?

Logistics can sometimes play a role in your decision. When you don’t have time or the proper setup for a storage shed Redmond Oregon, thus renting a storage unit makes more sense. You can find the size and type of storage rental you need to fit your budget and timeframe with so many flexible plans available. In stressful times, readily-available units reduce the need for stress and make finding a place where your precious belongings are easily accessible.

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