5 Reason Why You Must Have Sheds Bend Oregon

The idea of a sheds Bend Oregon house has become popular in recent years, and this movement emphasizes minimalism. Those in favor of the idea want their homes to take up less space and save money. In case you still haven’t decided, here are 5 reasons why the idea of a shed home makes sense.

1. Cost-effectiveness

The cost of a shed house can be as low as $10,000, even though a house costs several hundred thousand dollars.

Get rid of 30 years of mortgage payments and annual rent payments. It takes a few years of saving before you can afford your own shed home in most cases.

To make the cabin sheds livable, they would need to be finished on the inside, and it will cost roughly twice as much to add utilities and decorate a portable building.

However, compared to average housing prices, that’s still a great deal! Particularly for a cute cabin or living space in the backyard, where your guests can stay.

2. Easier and less time-consuming

Tiny shed homes are easier to build because they’re smaller. If you start with a prefab shed or cabin, it can be built in a few days rather than the thousands of hours required for a typical house.

A shed home is so time-consuming that you might be able to complete it at night and on weekends without having to take time off work. This is a very affordable way to own your first house without getting into debt.

Even if you have to take a few days off from work, it is worth saving $7200 or more than the average renter of a one-bedroom apartment spends each year on housing.

A shed home could be a practical solution if you work full-time and need something cheap and fast. It is possible to build a wonderful home in just a few weeks, saving the hassle of months and even years of building a typical house.

3. Lower skill requirements

You can convert a storage shed into a living space if you’re a DIYer. The process is more straightforward and less time-consuming than building a larger home. But the sense of accomplishment is equally remarkable.

It takes a wide array of skills to build a house, and you need years of experience to master these skills.

However, a shed house is easier to build, and most of the work can even be done by someone with intermediate skills.

There is no limit to what you can learn on the internet regarding how to build a shed – starting from scratch is just a few screen taps away.  

4. An Alternative to Legal Expenses

Even the most wealthy homeowners must contend with fees, taxes, and bills. Meanwhile, shed houses don’t cost much, except for initial construction and maintenance.

It is much less expensive than buying a house, even if there are costs. Smaller size and land requirements mean that legal costs and taxes are more cost-effective and, at least, nonexistent. Property taxes are typically based on the value of your home (about 1.3% annually, on average), and shed homes are therefore taxed at a much lower rate than sprawling suburban houses.

5. Adding a Great Living Space

With a finished shed house, you can create a guest room, more living space, or just a getaway space. Consider building a simple shed home instead of spending lots of money on renovations (along with the red tape that comes with your municipality).

This concept extends far beyond the needs of your immediate home. When you are willing to stray from the beaten path, you can add affordable living space to your home.

Building a Shed House: How to Get Started

Our shed builder Redmond Oregon can assist you in getting started. As time and finances permit, the frame will be built as a portable storage building, and the interior will be tailored to your preferences. We provide free quotes for shed houses in just three simple steps.

  • Choose the size.
  • Select the ideal exterior finish.  
  • Customize the details as desired.

The free quote page allows you to make all the selections you need. Our sales representatives are available to assist you at any point! You can reach us at 541-923-5064.

Enjoy your shed house!

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