Build your own man cave in Bend Oregon

A man cave in Bend Oregon is a must for privacy, comfort, relaxation and friends. Men need a place to unwind and to not hear the distractions of life. Most men have hobbies and they need a place to store their memorabilia. The secret to a man’s heart is to recognize that they need space and a place of their own. This article is about the importance of a man’s space and how to go about building it.

The first thing you need is to give it some serious thought as to what you want to put inside your cave. If it’s a pool table or a bar and/or both, you really need to start measuring the amount of space you need. If you place a pool table inside, you will need room for the sticks (cues) and the television. Sports and movies will be a staple inside and no one wants a crowded room. There are two ways you can make space. Elongated room or a complete square. You can place the pool in the front and the lounge room in the back with an elongated room and with a square room, there are rule of thirds options to make everything comfortable.

The second thing you definitely need is power. If you are building an external man cave, this building will need power. Consider all of the devices you will need. A heater (wall heater), HVAC if you really are going to splurge, power sources on each wall (a man cave needs a plug everywhere (you will thank me later). A smoke eater sucks a lot of energy if you have cigars and/or cigarettes. And of course the television, stereo and perhaps musical instruments (amplifiers perhaps) will suck some juice so you may want to take a look at your fuse box and add an extra 30 or 40 switch.

The third thing you need to pay attention to is your environment. Here in Central Oregon we have extreme cold weather and extreme hot weather. The man cave needs to be heavily insulated from the bottom to the top. Don’t go cheap on the insulation either. You will thank me later. When installing windows, make a hole for an air conditioner. During the summer, your man cave will get hot and the wall AC will be handy. You can use the window for that, but during the winter, the wall AC brings in some much needed clean air if you’re smoking cigars.

These are just the basics. You will need to think about the tools, materials and costs involved. What I did was I turned my old shed into a man cave. It couldn’t fit a pool table, but I have a couch, 3 recliners, entertainment center and a coffee table. I put insulation, sheet rock, spackle and paint along with a window, wall AC and a smoke eater to enjoy my nightly cigar. The space itself is 12×20 and the snags I had was the ventilation. 3 cigars on movie night can make a small room like that uncomfortable. I bought a used SmokeMaster C12 and placed it into a large sealed box. I added an industrial vacuum that sucks the smoke out of the box to pull the smoke outside. Works great.

One last thing = The smell. How do you get the smell of cigars or cigarettes out of the furniture? Simple. You can buy an ozone generator. This device spits out ozone that smells like rain. The gas wraps itself around the odor and neutralizes it. But there is one problem. The ozone that wraps itself around the smoke particles leaves a sticky mess that needs to be cleaned up. You will need to clean the surrounding area at least once a year with a wet towel. Consider your electronics too. The ozone and smoke particles stick to electronics severely and can ruin motorized mechanics. For example, the wall heater has a motor and so does the ozone generator fan. After you run the ozone for a few hours (don’t breath that stuff in) remove the ozone generator. Best to keep it out. And replace your wall heater every few years.

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