Why you should consider investing into a micro house in Central Oregon

By 2050, Bend Oregon’s population will grow from 180,000 to almost a million. This means, Redmond, Sisters, Prineville and La Pine will grow as well. Central Oregon does not have the accommodations for jobs and housing during this boom and therefore, people will be wanting cheap places to rent. A wise investment would be to purchase property outside of town (a few acres) and build a micro house or shouse (small house).

Acreage in the high desert is really cheap. Many are living off the grid by building their own mini houses on desert land. Some are actually renting out their current house in town and building a tiny house outside of town to allow their renters to pay their mortgage. The average cost per acre in the high desert outside of town, according to the USDA, is anywhere from $3,000 – $20,000 depending on many common factors. The cost for a tiny house is around the same.

For small investment, you could have land and a house for either recreation, living or whatever you desire. Let’s go over some numbers. Outbuilders.com has built many Walker Cabins for customers. A basic Walker Cabin costs $2,150. From the little research I have done on land outside of town, I easily found a 10 acre lot for $5,000. For less than $10,000 you can own a sizable piece of land and a place to live.

There are a few considerations if you plan on owning a mini house. Zoning regulations will cause you trouble if you plan on having a foundation. A considerable cost is associated if you do. Ways around that are to build the mini house without one. You will probably not find a well or can have one dug so all water that you use must be drove in. You also will need to build your own septic tank if you plan on having running water. Septic systems can cost up to $30,000.

Do some research on mini houses or google micro houses (shouse). You will be shocked to find them so inexpensive and how popular they have become. The investment will pay off as the city grows outward. Your property will increase in value as the population brings with it gas, water, sewer and electricity. The land you bought so cheap could be worth 100 fold in 20 years if you invest wisely and take care of the land.