Chalet versus cabin, what is the difference?

There are several types of cabin sheds. When one thinks of a cabin, they either think of a Chalet or a log cabin somewhere nestled in a mountain ridge with a view beyond one’s dreams. Many cabins are small and cramped mainly made as a hunting cabin or a weekend cabin for getaway purposes (vacationing). The word cabin has other meanings like a naval vessel for officers, a cockpit for pilots, living quarters in a trailer or an elevated room on a ship. This article focuses on the difference between a chalet and a cabin (outdoor sheds or tiny house) or small house or cottage.

We have built many cabins or tiny homes. Our cascade cabin, studio and walker sheds have all been used for cabins. Our sheds can be turned into cabins and we can deliver them to any destination outside of 45 miles. We can also build onsite and customize any cabin you desire. We currently build at least 30 – 40 cabin’s a year in the high desert and close to sisters. Cabins can range from $2500 – $10,000 depending on additions and sizes. We can also rent or sell you a used shed and turn it into a cabin for.

A chalet has sloping roofs with wide overhanging eaves typically two stories or what you would perceive as a kind of looking ski lodge. From the Alpine regions in Switzerland (the name and buildings), the phrase was derived from goat herders using the cabins as seasonal dairy farms. We do not typically build chalets, however, we have had requests and fulfilled them. Since we build tiny homes and garages, we can easily build a chalet. The one thing that we do not do is insulation, sheetrock, mud and paint.

Chalet’s are mainly found in ski country. Sisters, Mt. Bachelor and Sunriver has many Chalet homes to puruse through if you want to drive around and look for ideas. We have had many clients ask us to build cabin’s and chalet’s in Central Oregon. Cabin’s are easiest for us because we have so many blue prints to choose from. Chalet’s are harder because we most likely will have to draw them up ourselves. If you’re interested in us building you a cabin or a chalet, contact Kirk Sandburg for a free estimate.