What is the difference between an attached garage and a detached garage?

The answer is really simple, but making the choice if you should buy one or the other is not so easy. A detached garage is not connected to a house or barn. It is a single entity all on its own. They are useful for many occasions but can be a pain if you are just using it for parking your cars. In example, if it’s snowing or raining, you will have to walk outside to the car and vice versa.

Most Central Oregonians use a detached garage for two things. A shop and a guest house. Most homes in Central Oregon that were built after 1970 comes with an attached garage. But the older the home, the odds are swayed. Most older homes already come with it detached and are likely a barn or a hybrid for cars. Many are actually rebuilt and it takes a cunning eye to spot it.

So if you’re thinking of building one, consider the elements, purpose and future when moving forward:


Central Oregon has two seasons. Winter and August. All kidding aside, we have longer winters than summers and it feels like we never have Spring or a Fall at times. If your home does not have an attached garage where you can be dry and warm to and from your car, you will definitely need to bundle up. Tracking mud, dirt and snow from outside will always occur so planning for the elements is something to consider.


What do you need this for? If you already have a house garage and were thinking of building a shop, this is the perfect setup. A detached garage with a loft would offset some of your mortgage costs if you build a room or apartment. Since rent is high, shop owners can supplement income by renting space so it’s a win-win. Also, many create the loft for their children to live in to give them space. Give it a lot of thought before you move forward because this can be a good investment.


A detached garage is truly a good idea, regardless. You can use it for storage, extra room, an apartment or whatever you can think of. Believe it or not, we build them! Our basic 24’x24’ garage starts at $19,950 including permits, concrete, and standard excavation.