Detached garages, what are they?

Detached garages are one of the most popular buildings that we do. There are two kinds of garages and several types of detached garages. The kinds of garages are attached and detached. It’s exactly what it suggests. One is attached to a house or structure and the other is separate from any building (stand alone). Attached garages are not as popular in Central Oregon as many residents have farms and/or animals and need separate shops for tractors and/or trucks (machinery).

Attached garages usually are noticed on ranch style homes or the side of a barn. They are easy to build and cost way less than a typical detached garage. There are several types of detached garages and these are as followed:

1 Car Garage

A 1 car garage is generally 12 feet wide by 22 feet deep. When building a 1 car garage, one needs to think heavily on what they want stored in there. Many people do not even store a car in a 1 car garage, rather the name suits the need. Many 1 car garages around Central Oregon are for a car, truck or tractor.

2 Car Garage

A 2 car garage is generally 24 feet wide by 24 feet deep. They come in a variety of styles with either a loft or 2 stories. These garages are our best seller because middle class Central Oregonians typically keep their cars in a detached garage and have a studio on top to rent to their kids or the public.

3 Car Garage

A 3 car garage is generally 32 feet wide by 22 feet deep. A commonality here for the upper class here in the high desert. Usually built for a family with a teenage driver (3 cars) or a small farm where husband and wife have cars and the third spot is for a toy, tractor or a boat. These are usually 2 stories with a loft or apartment.

4 Car Garage

Like a 3 car, a 4 car garage is larger at 48 feet wide by 22 or sometimes 48 feet deep. Really common for antique car collectors or large families. These types of garages are expensive and rare. Typically seen at ranches, private estates and the like.

Drive-Thru Garage

Really rare around the high desert, a drive through garage has at least one bay door at the back of the structure allowing a vehicle or tractor to drive all the way through the garage. These are perfect for RV’s and large vehicles that are hard to back up.

Garage Apartment

Self-explanatory; a garage with an apartment whether it is above or alongside (same level). Many homeowners are smart to go this option because it allows (with the correct permits) for one to rent out space to a renter.

Garage With Loft

A garage with a loft is perfect for play areas (kids), storage and a simple office. Not so good for winter times unless you have an industrial heater for the garage. Some use lofts for a workbench area.

RV Garage

Like a drive through but without the back bay door. Some actually put one in anyways because, why not? An RV garage is typically higher than other garages at 12 to 15 feet since 1 in 10 people in America own an RV.

Boat Storage

Most typical boats can fit in a standard garage. It depends on the trailer length, however. Many planners usually make the garage lengthier by 34 feet to fit one or two boats.

Garages with Storage/Workshops

Self-explanatory and pretty much explained above. Central Oregon is ripe with workshops. In fact, most don’t call their garages an actual garage but a shop. Many small businesses that grow start out in a workshop garage. Outside of town, there are thousands of homes with workshops where you can fit your RV, company and even boat all into the same garage. A man’s dream!

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