Do you need an outdoor water heater enclosure shed?

There are many old houses which have the water heater located in the garage or even outside, thus a need for an outdoor water heater enclosure shed. Although they are not located on our brochure, we ‘can’ do custom ones. Many people who look for this search google for a pump house builder or use an outdoor bicycle storage shed in replacement. You can buy plastic ones if you want to save on price, but they cannot be insulated and plastic sheds do not increase the home value. Home Depot storage sheds (plastic ones) would work, but you would need to insulate it and that is tough to hang on plastic walls.

Water heaters will not survive outside an enclosure unless it’s tankless. Consider the problem if your water heater was outside and the flu went out during freezing conditions. The water will turn to ice and the tank will split in half due to freezing. All water heaters are naturally built inside a garage (new homes) but there are older buildings that still store them outside in some type of enclosure. Consider the financial danger of outside water heaters. Especially plastic.

Just like we spoke about in many other articles about plastic sheds, you must remember that they will not increase the property value, cannot be turned into a man cave or she-shed and you cannot add wiring. Central Oregon weather conditions truly require a wooden base for an outdoor water heater enclosure shed. So consider the weather, home value and long term investment when considering building an outdoor water heater enclosure shed.

A common thing Oregonians do is purchase property and place a shed on it before they start building their home. This shed usually is for a simple toilet, washing machine, dryer and a hot water heater. Some stay on the property in an RV while they build their dream home. This works just fine, but if you have an outdoor water heater, you need an enclosure shed and it needs to be insulated. Contact us today for a free quote.