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Thinking of buying or building a lifetime outdoor storage shed Redmond Oregon? Then, consider these points to consider first before buying, or hiring someone to build one for you. Having a storage shed can be a lifetime investment because it is something that you will use for the next couple of years. This article will help you with the things that you need to reflect on.

Quality vs. Price
Some people consider the cheapest price and forget about the quality of the item, and then later regret it because it breaks fast. If you are going to buy a lifetime outdoor storage shed Redmond Oregon that your family will use for 5 to 20 years, then buy one with high-quality materials and has solid built that seemed to last longer. Yet, if you are on a tight budget, but is eager to have one on your backyard, then focus on something that has a simpler design, but same solid materials as with the pricey one.
Think of the Design
An outdoor shed is not a simple place to store your things. Its aesthetic look is as important as its purpose; it must complement the look and style of your home. For example, if your house is a modern type one, then try to search for the shed that has a contemporary look and has tall glass windows and sliding door. Another one is a rustic design, something that has a board and batten siding which is perfect for country style house.
Blending to its surrounding

If you have already established your storage shed into your backyard, now it’s time to make it blend to its surroundings. Having different plants and flower beds can help storage sheds blend into a yard rather than standing bare in one place.

Choosing the Materials

When choosing for your outdoor storage shed, there is three materials option that you can consider, wood, plastic, and metal.

Wood Shed- This type of shed usually has stud-framed walls which are covered with plywood siding.  Most of the wood sheds have a wood roof frames and asphalt shingles. They are required for more maintenance same with a house, you need to repaint it, fix broken wood or lookout for rotten parts.

Plastic Shed – Unlike the wooden type of shed, this one is the least that needs maintenance as you don’t need to paint it because its color is built-in. They are often made of PVC and are designed for DIY.

Metal Sheds- This type of shed has a basic metal structure and is covered with vinyl coated metal for its walls and roof.

Shed Floor and Foundation

Having a foundation is important; you may use concrete blocks or wood timbers, or merely compressed solid gravel. A well-elevated foundation that is safe from wet grounds or soil can help protect the storage shed from rotting easily.

When it comes to the flooring, most type of sheds doesn’t include one, such as plastic and metal ones. Flooring for the said types of sheds is typically sold separately or is required for you to build your own. When it comes to the wood type of sheds, they usually include standard framed floors using plywood flooring.

Plastic and Metal sheds are for easy installation and it comes with an instruction to guide you. You can do it yourself if you are a type of person who loves handy works or spent money to have a professional installer to assemble it for you. Yet, when it comes to the woodshed, it will be going to take time, carpentry skills and tools to build it.
Feature and Access
When buying your lifetime outdoor storage shed Redmond Oregon, make sure that you have in mind the types of equipment that will go into it. If you have a lawn tractor, electric weeder, or snowblower then the shed must be wide enough and has a spare space for more other stuff.
Make it more appealing

Make your storage shed look more appealing by adding small touches into it. You may do this by adding window boxes with flowers into it, shutters, and other little accessories. Make your shed more eye-catching by doing these little touch-ups, rather than just looking plain.

Zoning Laws

In most areas, zoning laws allow sheds that size up to 120 sq.  , but should be 3 feet away from your property. You must also know the overall height that the zoning law allows. Always ask your homeowners association first for these restrictions to avoid breaking the law.

Added Storage

If you’ve got more stuff that you want to store but your shed only has limited space left, then you may consider adding additional shed that will complement your main shed. You may choose from Corner Sheds, Horizontal Sheds, Vertical Sheds.

If you don’t want to have a secondary shed, then you might want to try a storage loft wherein you can able to store larger stuff without compromising too much space for other things. Your lifetime outdoor storage shed Redmond Oregon must have large space that can accommodate most stuff and those that you want to store in the future.

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