Are there any pole barn kits in Bend, OR?

Whether you are pole barn builders or a pole barn contractor, you eventually will be looking for pole barn kits in Central Oregon. But where do you find them? First, let’s explain what a pole barn is. We wrote a great article on what a pole barn is here. To sum up, it is a farm building with no foundation that uses poles to hold up the infrastructure. They are made of wood and/or metal and are extremely popular in here in the high desert.

Most pole barn contractors buy them. Instead of blueprints and materials from the Home Depot or other home improvement hardware places, kits are much simpler to buy and setup. Some pole barn kits come with joists and nails so you don’t need to really purchase any material other than having the correct tools to construct. Contractors will typically convince you to order the kit and when it arrives, they do the complete install.

Prices of kits varies and depends on the size of barn you want. A simple Google search will show them ranging from $2,000 – $28,000 depending on how many stories you want. The cheapest pole barn kit you can buy is made of vinyl coated steel from sizes 12’x10’. Realistically, these are called a storage building or garage than a pole barn, but if the structure has no foundation, then technically, it’s considered a pole design. The more expensive ones are made of galvanized steel with no I-beams and with an oxide primer so you never need to paint it ever.

But, can we buy a kit here in the high desert so it can be delivered locally instead of out of state? Basically make the delivery time faster? Understanding the difference between a contractor and a manufacturer answers that question. If the contractor knows any local manufacturers of “kits”, then yes, however, there are no “kit manufacturers” in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Prineville or Madras. The nearest kit manufacturer is in the mid-west so you will have to order one that has already been shipped here (re-sale).

Contractors will have good knowledge of where to buy a manufactured kit locally if there is a need for one that isn’t already shipped from the mid-west. Start calling around for pole barn kit builders and see what you can dig up. Of course, you can always have a local company such as ourselves build one for you. If you’re trying to save money by buying a kit instead of building one on-site with blueprints, consider the learning curve for the kit, the missing parts and the contractor you hired yourself (or you as the installer for that matter). You might save more time and money by having professionals like Outbuilders just build it for you.