Renting a shed is cheaper than a storage unit

Our website says you can rent a shed from us for $69 – $109 a month ($150 delivery) as an alternative to a storage unit. We compared the difference between a storage facility and our sheds and it will blow your mind. For example, an 8×8 storage facility average cost is $80, according to Compare that to $69 AND you get to keep your stuff on your own property.

An 8×12 storage facility will cost you around $100 a month while our cost is $89 and an 8×16 will cost you $120 a month while our rental shed is $109. Are you starting to see a trend here? We are always around $10 cheaper a month and that saves YOU $120 a year plus you get to store your stuff on your own land. If you are good at math, then you will calculate that the cost is around the same when you count the delivery charge, however, the benefits outweigh that.

Storage units are miles away

If you want quick access to one, you would need to move near one or be luckily enough to live near one. Our storage sheds are delivered onsite and you will have access any time you wish within walking distance versus driving and wasting gas.

Storage units are not on your property

A rental shed on your own property looks nice and can store even more stuff than you thought. For example, you can use it for gardening tools or your lawnmower while also store whatever it is you need stored. Christmas ornaments … anything.

Storage units are more susceptible to theft

Usually, storage theft happens from the inside. Someone who has a storage facility will break into the one next door. Most storage facility management does not have insurance for your own items so you are out of luck if it happens.

Storage units invite the homeless and drugs addicts

It’s cheaper to rent a storage facility than a house. Many homeless rent storage and live in them. Drug addicts and dealers will use them for storage as well.

Storage units are becoming more and more popular

Because of our growing population, storage facilities are popping up everywhere. They are building one near the Subway on 3rdand one off of Cooley road.

Storage rental sheds are the way to go. If you want to save time and money along with having the comforts of quick access and security, rent one from us. Give us a call for a free quote.