“Small greenhouse” gives you “big” benefits, could be interpreted as a small environmentally friendly or sustainable house. Our small green house is more than just a shed. In this context, “green” refers to the use of eco-friendly practices and materials to reduce the environmental impact of the house. Small greenhouses are more convenient to you than we expect! Greenhouses allow for the cultivation of plants by providing a warm and protected space.

What is a small greenhouse?

Small greenhouses are scaled-down versions of larger commercial or residential greenhouses.  A small greenhouse basically refers to a structure designed for growing plants in a controlled environment. Small green houses are mostly created in a warm and humid environment promoting plant growth. By the small green house you provide a way to control temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors to create optimal conditions for plant growth.

 Types of small green houses

There are several types of small green houses each has its own way of design /features and benefits, here are some common types:

1 Lean-to Greenhouse: this structure is basically attached to the side of a building, like a house or garage. We can create it for you as a space saving design.

2 Mini Greenhouse: easily we can say that this structure is small and portable. Often it is made with lightweight materials. This is Suitable for temporary use or for protecting individual plants.

  Features of small greenhouse

The features of a small greenhouse can vary depending on its design whichever you choose for your backyard, intended use, and the preferences of the gardener and preferable chosen design. However, here are some common features that you might find in small greenhouses:            

.Frame Material: These types of structures normally include common materials such as aluminium, galvanised steel, or PVC. This frame is basically used for providing structural support for the greenhouse.

.Covering Material: Transparent materials such as polyethylene, polycarbonate, or greenhouse plastic are used to allow sunlight to enter. This type of shelter Provides insulation and protects plants from the elements.

.Ventilation: Vents or windows for airflow and temperature control which is most essential for plants to speed up proper growth. This is also facilitated by automatic vent openers which are available for temperature regulation.

.Door: A door for access to the greenhouse.as per requirement it may have a sliding, hinged, or roll-up design.

.Shelving or Benches: this feature provides space for arranging plants at different heights. Also maximises the use of vertical space.

Worth of putting small greenhouse in your backyard

The worth and benefit of putting a small greenhouse in your backyard depends on various factors, including your gardening goals, the local climate, available space, and personal preferences. Here are some considerations to help you determine if a small greenhouse is a valuable addition to your backyard:

 Extended growing season:

A small greenhouse in your backyard allows you to extend the growing season by creating a controlled temperature (warm/cold). This is particularly beneficial in those regions with short growing seasons or harsh weather conditions.

Versatility is there in small green houses:

Greenhouses provide a versatile space for growing a wide variety of plants, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more. You have greater control over the growing conditions, which can lead to better yields and healthier plants.

Protection from Weather conditions and Pests:

A greenhouse provides protection from extreme weather conditions, such as frost, hail, and excessive heat. It also serves as a barrier against pests, helping to keep your plants healthier.

Benefits of small greenhouse

Higher Yields:By providing optimal growing conditions, greenhouses often result in higher yields of fruits, vegetables, and flowers compared to outdoor gardening.

Space Efficiency:Greenhouses with shelving or vertical growing systems maximise space, allowing you to grow more plants in a compact area.

Frost Protection:In colder climates, greenhouses protect plants from frost, allowing you to grow more delicate or temperature-sensitive crops.

Materials used for small greenhouse structure

wood:Naturally resistant to decay and insects. Cedar is a good choice for a wood frame due to its durability.

plastic tubing:Lightweight and affordable, plastic tubing can be used to create simple hoop house structures.


Small green house is very convenient for individuals to assess their gardening needs, available space, and also to maintain investing in a small greenhouse. The upfront costs should be weighed against the potential benefits in terms of extended growing seasons, increased plant variety, and the satisfaction derived from successful gardening. Overall, a small greenhouse represents a valuable tool for those who are passionate about cultivating plants, providing a space for both practical and enjoyable horticultural pursuits. We hope you will be fulfilling and lovable for your gardening with a small greenhouse.