What Small Garden Sheds In Redmond Oregon Should You Buy?

A small garden sheds in Redmond Oregon is easy to overlook, and there are often plant pots that have been forgotten, or lawnmower parts dumped there. Despite this, sheds can enhance multi-functional spaces for garden storage and your outdoor pleasure. You wouldn’t miss out on using an entire room in your main house, so why would you overlook the garden room?

At Outbuilders, we believe you should make the most of your extra space. If you want to add some more storage to your garden, or if you want to create a workshop where you can work on various projects, think of it as a chance to create something valuable and beautiful.

When purchasing or designing a new garden shed, there are many factors to consider. If it’s just a tool storage area, it only needs to be secure and water-resistant, with a few shelves, a worktop, and a reasonably attractive exterior. If you intend to use it for anything other than that – as a getaway from the house or a better work environment – bear in mind that you may require electricity, airflow, and insulation.

Sheds made of wood

In the United States, wooden garden sheds are the most popular choice. Typically made from pine or spruce, higher-end options are also made of larch and Douglas fir, and cedar at the top of the market. Sheds should be less prone to rot as the price range increases. Cladding comes in various styles, including tongue and groove, which is more expensive but less likely to distort, shiplap, which is particularly waterproof, and the more common and cost-effective overlap cladding.

The wooden shed roof typically consists of a timber layer with roof felt to protect it from the elements. Roofs come in various shapes and sizes, with the most common being a traditional apex roof or a pent roof, which has only one angle and is used for sheds that are positioned against a wall or hedge, making the area more efficient.

Metal and plastic storage sheds

It can be cheaper to buy a metal or plastic shed if you need some extra storage space. But if the shed is going to be used a lot, these sheds have some drawbacks. Plastic sheds are lightweight and require ground anchoring, while metal sheds heat up quickly in the summer, making them unsuitable for extended use.

Putting up a shed

Sheds should be placed on a flat, sturdy surface, such as concrete or paving. If you’re going to put it on grass, you’ll need a shed base that can be buried in the ground. Some sheds may come with metal bases that can be filled with concrete to form a permanent floor and a base. If you plan to use your shed a lot, make sure that you have an excellent path to get to the door so that you don’t keep trampling the same piece of grass repeatedly as you walk to the door. If you frequently drag heavy tools out of the shed, you may want to consider installing a ramp.

Shed Fashion

There are numerous shed styles available on the market, but the two most common are:

Apex Roof Shed: Apex roof sheds are extremely popular in the United States. It has a ridge in the center and sloping sides. This is a traditional, sturdy style that will complement the majority of gardens.

Pent Roof Sheds: This shed has a single slanted roof that allows rainwater to drain. This type of shed has plenty of headroom and is best suited for placement against a wall or fence.

The Legalities

Check with your local council for planning permission before constructing a shed in your garden. In most cases, no planning is required, but there are a few conditions that must be met:

  • The structure cannot extend in front of the house’s building line.
  • Its height is limited to 4 m for tiled or slated roofs and 3 m for other roof types.
  • Exempted development floor area is limited to 25 square meters.
  • The structure may not be occupied or used for business.

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about garden sheds, head down to your Outbuilders to browse our selection, like outdoor shed redmond oregon or speak with a member of our staff about your specific needs.

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