What You Need To Know About Outdoor Shed Redmond Oregon

There are different kinds of outdoor shed redmond oregon on the market. If you know for sure what functions you’ll need the shed to serve, you’ll be better equipped to make decisions about its purpose, size, and appearance.

Tiny House 

This shed style usually adjoins another building, like a garage or a house. Its average size is 4×8 feet, and its slanted roof makes it ideal for storing gardening equipment, a bicycle, a grill, or a push mower. A detached version can be constructed as well. One of the most affordable options for outdoor storage sheds is a lean-to shed.

Garden Shed 

An A-frame shed is a common and timeless outdoor building design with a sloping roof that typically extends from one side to the other. In most cases, it has double doors, which facilitate the easy entry and exit of larger pieces of machinery. They can be made out of wood, metal, or plastic, and feature windows or none at all, and come in a wide range of sizes (including 8″, 10″, and 12″ by 24″). These are perfect for a she-shed or man cave, but can also be used to store lawn equipment and tools.

Barn Shed

In your mind’s eye, a barn-style shed probably looks like a small barn in your backyard. These sheds have the most vertical space, making it simple to install an overhead shelf. Barn sheds, like their A-Frame counterparts, can be found in a variety of sizes and materials, and feature double doors and either windows or no windows at all.

Studio Shed

The studio shed is a more elaborate and expensive outbuilding that can serve as a home office, an art or craft studio, a guest house, or any number of other purposes (if both zoning and your HOA allow it). A variety of options and custom designs are available for this kind of shed.


An outdoor shed can cost as little as $200 or as much as $20,000. By the end of spring, more specifically the months of April and May, most retail outlets will have a full stock of the newest shed models. Keep an eye out for discounts in the spring and around holidays like Memorial Day. Fall is a good time to shop for deals because stores need to make room for the new models that will be released the following year.

An outdoor shed’s price will depend on its size, design, and the materials it’s made from. For instance, the price of a shed with a cottage design will be significantly higher than that of a simple metal shed with a single door.

Choosing the Right Garden Shed

In addition to design and style preferences, there are other considerations when selecting an outdoor shed. Consider your budget, the purpose for which it will be used (storage or additional living space), the size of your yard, and the rules of your homeowners’ association when making your choice. Think about these things, and try to plan ahead a bit to make sure the shed will still serve your needs in a few years if your family expands.

If you plan to use it as storage, will it be big enough to accommodate some additional items? Also, you could use it as a playhouse for your kids. Do you intend to use it for the foreseeable future, or are you getting a more affordable model because you won’t be staying in the house for very long? These are just some additional things to think about when selecting the ideal outdoor shed for your requirements.

Shop Locally

Depending on the features and quality of the shed you’re looking to buy, it can be quite pricey. Many would rather see them in person to inspect the shed’s build quality. Sheds can be purchased from a variety of retailers. You can also buy them online, at supercenters, warehouse clubs, or stores that sell only outdoor sheds. When looking to purchase one, you won’t be short on selection.

To ensure you are purchasing a high-quality outdoor shed storage from a reliable company, like Outbuilders, it is important to do some background research and read customer reviews. Choose one that serves your needs, is within your price range, and appeals to your sense of style. An outdoor shed is a long-lasting addition to any backyard.

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