New LeanTo

Outbuilders is now in full spring build mode.  Having a very busy week of sales, we are excited to get buildings on the ground.  Most exciting this week has been the installation of our first rental shed.  We installed our first rental shed in Prineville this week and boy, was the owner excited.  She is hoping her business volume continues so that this summer she will be able to turn the rental into a purchase.  Storage sheds are so convenient and helpful for folks that need just the little extra room.  The Economy shed and the new Rustic sheds work very well for all situations.  On an occasion, the Lean to shed model is more fitting for our customers, and when possible, we are able to flex to their needs, as was the case this week.  Here is the lean to shed complete with a convenient side door.  We also were able to transport a used shed to a new location this week.  As long as the shed is one of ours, or was built with 4” x 4” pressure treated skids we are able to relocate sheds a few hundred feet, across town or to another state.  Just give us a call for your relocation or rental shed needs.