What is the difference between Outbuilders & Tamarack Sheds?

Tamarack Sheds incorporation date is April of 2016 and owned by Rick Lovely. As the date of this post, they have been in business for a year and a half yet their website says over 10 years. The company’s name is derived from the Tamarack Tree, “A coniferous tree but not evergreen, the tamarack (Larix laricina) grows up to 80 feet tall, flourishing in the frigid climates of northern North America in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 to 8. Native Americans historically made use of its roots to bind the bark of birch trees together to create canoes. In modern times the tamarack, with its unusual needles that are shed in autumn, is used for cold-climate landscaping.”

Tamarack Sheds build their products at their indoor site and then deliver the shed to your location. It is unclear if they charge for delivery or not but their delivery range is within 30 miles. Delivering sheds in this capacity it definitely expensive so we would assume there could be a hidden delivery cost. Their prices are a little steeper than ours. We compared our 10×16 Regular Barn price $4,145 with their 10×16 Smith Rock Barn price of $4450. We are definitely cheaper and build onsite. This means you get your shed faster and can monitor the build if wanted.

They offer a “Rent To Own” finance package through RTO National, a national provider of both rent-to-own contracts and financing for backyard storage facilities. We do not. Their selections are a lot less than what we offer, however. They have 11 sheds all different styles but one size each while we offer 15 sheds with 13 different sizes to choose from each not including pole barns and garages (way more selections).

Bottom line, Tamarack Sheds have good reviews and build great looking sheds. Although a little more expensive and less to choose from than us, they seem to love what they are doing and have a solid client base. We have more selections, cheaper price and build right on your location. This means you get your shed faster, cheaper and can inspect the build yourself. To us, the choice is a no brainer. Contact us today for a free quote!