Ever searched for “pet palace redmond oregon” and came up short?

Searching for “pet palace redmond oregon” is not as common as searching for “tiny houses redmond oregon” or “greenhouses redmond oregon” but it is a must for higher to middle class pet owners whose pets are outside pets. A pet palace is like a shed but crafted to fit around the animal itself. Dogs and cats are the typical reason for one but we have customer built pet palaces for Llamas, horses, cows and even pigs.

When searching for a pet palace in bend or redmond, you will find mostly boarding and grooming services. That’s not what we do. We build outdoor sheds and sometimes we will do a custom pet palace for a homeowner. It really depends on what the customer is looking for. In example, we had a customer who wanted rooms, insulation and dry wall for their pets. We build the exterior and let the customer finish the rest.

A pet palace can be like the search term “tiny houses redmond oregon”. As mentioned above, our clients have made their pet palaces into actual homes for their pets with HVAC heating and cooling. We had one client who was searching for “greenhouses redmond oregon” and “how to turn greenhouse into pet palace”. They asked our advice on how to do such a task. Yes, a shed can be turned into a pet home; anything with a solid frame.

A palace for your pet in central oregon is easy to make and quite affordable. Our most common ones our clients buy is/are our Classic Gable and turn it into a place for their loved ones to live. The gable has been turned into so many things. You can custom order them with windows, different doors, overhangs, a porch etc… We even had a client turn their classic gable into a pet coop in central oregon. If you need a pet palace for your loved ones, look no further than Outbuilders.

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