How to Build a Fun and Creative Playhouse

It’s always been a dream of mine as a kid to have a playhouse in central oregon, though most of my childhood was with tent houses made from blankets and/or cardboard. As a parent, building one is a great opportunity to inspire creativity for you and your children.

I will try and not be too technical with this, but I will have to give an overview of the things that need to do before and after building your playhouse. Your creativity and open mind is crucial in the first stage of development.
In example, you can start looking at templates which are available on the internet to give you ideas for a detailed direction in building your playhouse.

Materials and carpentry tools are needed to create this project. Usually, boards and plywood sheathing are the most common required materials, and of course nails, screws and wood glue to fasten everything in place. Tools such as a tape measure, markers, drill, hammer, saw, and safety gears will come in handy.

Now, I will give you the flow of constructing the playhouse. I suggest that you map this out in your mind while you read through these steps.

  1. Build the deck frame and attaching the deck boards. Make sure the deck and its frame are secured since this will be the weight of the structure distributed.
  2. Attach the front and back panels, as well as the two side panels.
  3. Now, it’s time to assemble the playhouse by attaching the panels into the deck.
  4. Next, is to connect the roof supports.
  5. Attach the tongue and groove planks to the side panels, followed by the back panels, and lastly the front panel. Start at the bottom with the tongue facing up, and work your way up until you reach the top.
  6. Attach the window and the door trim.
  7. Attach the sheathing; shingles, corrugated metal, and roof panels are some of the possible roofing you can choose to install.
  8. And lastly, paint and add the finishing touches. This part could be a bonding moment with your kid if he/ she is capable of helping you. Your kid will appreciate the playhouse more by involving him/ her in the process.

Obviously, this article is more for the beginner and/or experienced carpenter than for one who has never used a hammer or understand what a tongue and groove is. If by reading this article confuses you, perhaps you should find a more experienced carpenter help you build toy houses in central oregon. On a side note, you can turn a lifetime outdoor storage shed in redmond or bend oregon into one without even building it from scratch!

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