How to Build Hay Shed In Your Area

When you are planning on having hay shed redmond oregon, you must have the right tool, plan, and also knowledge to be able to create one. Start by calling Building Inspection Service in your area to see if there are any rules to abide and mention that the purpose of the hay shed is for agricultural use. In this article, we are going to share steps on how you can create hay shed redmond oregon.


Always start by having a layout. Search for and vacant land that is flat and firm then determine the right dimension you want your shed to be. Next, buy sturdy lumber to use for your roof, floor, walls, and siding, make sure that you have got the right sizes before purchasing one.

For the roof frame, you may start from scratch and cover it with shingles and plywood, or if you are on a budget, use a tin roof. Start off with the roof, make sure that you got the accurate measurement and has every pole you will use to be in perfect perpendicular and 90° to the roof.
When putting poles, start by building a stake at the center area of where you want to put the hay shed redmond oregon.
Next lay the boards on the side of where the posts will go and start on digging holes at least 1/3 deep as the height of your walls. You may use an auger for digging, but if the soil is soft better use clamshell hand digger. To prevent the poles from leaning as years pass by, do not try to disturb the soil near it, or with the use of a string level, expand the level through the outside borders of the holes so that poles will fit the hole without touching the string line. Determine the deepness of each hole from the string to the lower part of the hole and pay no attention to the level of the ground. Let it dry for one day. When the ground surface is damp, dig a 6″ hole and load with crushed rock to create better drainage. It is also a great idea to cover the lower part of your post with roofing tar in spaces with high subsoil moisture.

If you want a sturdy, cheaper and don’t rot kind of pole, then try to make use of telephone poles.  Yet, you cannot guarantee if the sizes are all the same, this will end you up to choose on buying one from a lumberyard. Once you have bought the right size of poles, position it up onto the holes and use a carpenter’s level to help it stand straight so you may able to secure it in place by nailing 2 braces in it. If you are happy with its position, dispense 1 sack of mixed concrete into the holes and let it dry for at least 2 days.

Level the stringers by using carpenters level and secure it in place by using lots of nails. To add more strength, put galvanized metal truss plates on where the 2 ends of stringer boards meet.
There are ready-made trusses that you can buy from most lumberyards. Place the trusses every 4ft. one at a time onto the stringers, then by using poles and ropes, roll the trusses into upright position and lands into its proper place. Lay hold of the 1st one with a rope, brace from the stringer, poles, and every other means you can able to make use of.
Use purlins according to the size of your hay shed redmond oregon, secure them every 2ft. For better security, you may position them flatly against trusses. Make sure you use straight, lumber for the ridgeline as well as, for the eaves. Trim the ridge-line and bottom eave line purlin, so that the ends connect neatly on the end of a truss.

If you are looking for a roofing material that may withstand the weather, try to use Tin Roofing. First of all, place the bottom sheets of tin across the eaves. Next, put the top sheets to overlap the upper end of the lower ones by 6″ least or overlap by feet if you are on a windy place. Likewise, make use of gasketed roofing nails or set caulk beneath each screw. Finally, put up 8′ of galvanized ridge cap, by securing them with screws.

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