A good Christmas present for dad would be a car port in Central Oregon this year.

A good Christmas present for dad would be a car port in Central Oregon this year. A car port is a simple shelter for a car, truck or RV whether it is built with, wood, metal, poles or a lean-to (leans against a house or a barn). Some are made of aluminum or steel but we make ours out of wood. In our opinion, metal isn’t really recommended for the high desert in Central Oregon due to our dry weather and hot sun conditions. Rust accumulates more in Central Oregon than on the Coast believe it or not. You would be surprised that a well-built wooden car port can last over a hundred years and is the right choice for your dad’s Christmas gift.

There are many types of car ports as we explained in an earlier post.

  • Prefabricated Metal Canopies
  • Aluminum Carports
  • Party Tent Carport
  • Extension Garage

The benefits of having a car port is quite overwhelming, especially in Central Oregon which seems to only have two seasons: Winter & August ;-). During the winter, the snow, rain and sun oxidizes your paint coat. The cold weather is terrible on certain car engines which are not built for such extreme elements. Cars in Central Oregon really need to be in the garage or under a car port. You would be surprised at how cheap a car port really is.

A simple lean-to carport for the side of the house can cost just a few hundred dollars compared to the thousands of dollars you would pay normally if you buy a kit at Lowes, Home Depot or Costco. A simple aluminum pole car port runs over $1,000! Compare that with a few hundred dollars with us! To me, it’s a no brainer. Click here to learn more about our carports in Bend, OR.