Do you need a green house in Central Oregon?

Central Oregon definitely has some extreme weather. This year alone, we had record breaking snowfall which if you did not have green houses, your plants/crops would most definitely face destruction. Sometimes, the temperature can drop to 20 degrees even at the end of May so a greenhouse is a must.

Central Oregon frost can kill plants fast, as many of you locals know. It’s a normal occurrence due to our region’s hundreds of microclimates. Frost can actually happen any time of the year so again, investing in green houses is a smart plan if you have a green thumb.

Once you choose the right green house and have it correctly placed, you can grow a continuous supply of fresh vegetables for several months with little effort as long as you have it heated and cooled with certain inexpensive techniques.

If you love gardening, you will become really upset growing plants outside in Bend, OR. One minute you have beautiful tomatoes and the next day, dead, due to frost. This is why green houses are so popular here. Many became discouraged and take the plunge. They are really cheap, too. Our greenhouses range from $1,695 to $4,595 depending on the size.

Believe it or not, but the cannabis market has been flourishing here in Central Oregon and companies that build green houses cannot keep up with the demand. We have had many custom orders for green houses that specifically are design to grow medical cannabis.

There are several ways to heat a greenhouse. Here are the top ten tips for heating a greenhouse in the winter. Since many people do not use conduction to cool greenhouses, there are several tricks in this informative article that can help immensely. The summers here in Central Oregon can get pretty hot so make sure you understand completely before putting it all together.