Need an outdoor bike shed in redmond oregon?

You’re not a Bendite unless you have a dog and own a bike hence the need for a kennel and an outdoor bike shed in redmond oregon. Believe it or not, just as famous as a play house in central oregon or a tiny house in Bend is the bike shed as we are building a ton of them. And the funny thing, they are not on our brochures! Bend, Redmond and even Sisters are all turning into mini-metropolitan havens which require more room for pedestrians. And you know what that means? Bikes!

Yes, everyone owns either a retro 60’s bike or a mountain bike in Central Oregon. It’s posh. And with this, everyone needs an outdoor bike shed. The reason is simple. It gets really cold and most car owners park in the garage which leaves very little room for their bikes. Most sheds we build for customers are stacked full within a few months hence the need for another. Bike sheds are smaller and less expensive as an typical shed.

Bend hosts many single speed and 10 speed world championships (Bikes). You always see bikers on the side of the road. It’s the perfect place to practice. That’s why there are so many bicycle shops here. Central Oregon hosts many types of bicycle events and anyone who wants to get into racing or for fitness can find all the resources needed here. So the need for a bike shed is real.

Sometimes, we have seen our clients turn their outdoor play house that we built for them (when their kids were little) into a bike shed. Or they sometimes (it’s rare) turn a tiny house into a storage/bike shed. There are many things you can turn into a shed as long as you have a good imagination.

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