Rubbermaid outdoor storage shed versus Outbuilders’ wooden sheds

Many in Central Oregon are looking for a Rubbermaid outdoor storage shed and want a true comparable difference between them and buying/renting a wooden shed. In September of 2017, we wrote a great article explaining everything there is to know about them. But let’s get into greater detail about the difference between plastic, metal and wood. The results may surprise you.


Contrary to popular belief, wooden cutting boards are safer than plastic cutting boards. What does that have to do with sheds? Everything. Plastic is more prone to bacteria, spores and mold. According to research done by Dean O. Cliver, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Food Safety at the University of California, “With the plastic, after manual washing as I would do under my kitchen faucet, we could still recover bacteria from grooves” After replicating Cliver’s research, both the USDA and the FDA have changed their food prep recommendations to wood. “Wooden cutting boards pulled the bacteria down beneath the surface of the cutting board, where they didn’t multiply and eventually died off.”


Plastic sheds will not keep its color. “Over time the dyes are destroyed by light removing any color. simultaneously the plastic is degraded and becomes rough on the surface and acquires an inhomogeneous refractive index within the structure due to the destruction of bonds and oxidation and the end of chains. These two structural changes cause scattering, and since blue is scattered more than the other colors due to the relation of scattering with wavelength to the fourth power, the material appears blue when looking at the reflected light. If you look at transmitted light going through the plastic it should appear yellow.”


Rubbermaid outdoor storage shed heat up faster and stays hotter than Outbuilders’ wooden sheds. Wood is a natural insulator. Even though wooden sheds without insulation remain hotter than the outside environment, wood is still better because it continues to hold into moisture which cools the shed down. Wood, although appears to look dry, can hold moisture for decades which in turn can keep the shed smelling fresh and cool during the summer. Contact us today for more information and a free quote!