Sheds Increase Property Value

Do Sheds Increase Property Value? Yes! Adding storage space to a property can add up to $7,000 or more to the value of your home! By adding a LeanTo to the house, it actually increases the square footage if you add a door from your house to the shed. The shed can be turned into an office, porch or any other option you want. Not only that, you can use it as a tax write off if it’s a business expense. Here are some true stories with links:

From MyMortgageInsider, “Sheds in the backyard don’t just hold the lawn mower and rakes anymore. With people’s need for extra space, a home office or even a playhouse, a new hot trend called “shedquarters” has been sweeping the country over the last few years … It’s a separate space, and you can close the door behind you after you walk out of your own house into the shedquarter. It makes a lot of sense,” Speciale says. “It can also be a business expense and can be written off on your taxes … Although Speciale is not a realtor, he says that each of the buildings add value. Shedquarters give extra square footage, which most always adds value to the selling price. It’s like an addition that comes along with the house.”

From HGTV, “Sheds are beginning to veer away from outdated steel structures and toward higher-end construction that mirrors the style of the home. Homeowners will often choose a roofing material and color that mimics the home so the shed easily blends in with the property. Sheds are becoming larger in scale to allow for more space [square footage] in other parts of the home, like the garage, which might be cluttered with home and garden tools as well as miscellaneous belongings.”

And from AppraiserForum: “In my market sheds, particularly if they are upscale, add some value … If the shed is a 22′ by 32′ garage or a 24′ by 40′ pole building, now we have to adjust quite a bit.” A simple Google search shows thousands of websites worldwide that explain how an outbuilding is a win-win for any homeowner. Whether you are looking for a tiny home, cabin, LeanTo, office, carport, pole barn, garage, greenhouse or a pet home, Outbuilders can build it onsite and cheaper than anyone. Outbuilders is locally owned, uses local materials and hires locals to keep our money local. Call us for a free quote: 541-923-5064.