A little more about Outbuilders

Building North America is a contracting business that is based in Central Oregon that specializes in building smaller buildings (outdoor sheds), normally 200 square foot or less on your property. While many folks consider these buildings more in the storage shed category, Building North America dba Outbuilders, works hard in constructing much more than just a shed. In the past two years of ownership, Outbuilders has constructed outbuildings for storage, for growing plants in their popular greenhouses, and small offices or cabins. Building over 170 outbuildings this past year, Outbuilders has built a few garages, both single car garages as well as two car garages in both single story as well as two story models.

While many outdoor shed contractors build without the required building permits, Outbuilders is a licensed and bonded contractor that has built in the Central Oregon for many years. Pole barns seem to be very popular this year and our phones have been ringing frequently this winter with requests for pole barns or garages sometimes exceeding 1,500 square feet in size. Our pole barns are built with 6” x 6” or 6” x 8” posts set in concrete and erected with walls up to 14’ tall. Outbuilders normally builds their own roof trusses for the various storage sheds, equipment rooms, pump houses and micro houses in their shop in Redmond off Evergreen St. and Highway 97. Outbuilders often builds with 8” grooved paintable Smart Panel siding and asphalt shingles, however they too have the flexibility to cover their sheds with metal roofs in many earth tone colors, as well as siding their buildings with similar metal materials and the popular Breckenridge siding in either 8”, 4” or smooth panels.

Loafing outdoor sheds have also become quite popular in Central Oregon this past year. Outbuilders now provides Loafing sheds in the popular design with a partially covered front and a framed-in arched or angled entry wall. To help keep costs down, Outbuilders has added a new simpler design to their loafing sheds this year with a lean two style roof, open in the front and having only three covered sides. The loafing sheds are available in sizes from 8’ x 12’ to 12’ x 24’ or even larger by request. Outbuilders is happy to custom design and build whatever size of outbuilding you are desiring.

Outbuilders is a locally owned and friendly group that emphasizes quality in their buildings as well as outstanding customer service. This year, Outbuilders is providing a 5-year warranty on all of their buildings. Feel free to give us a call and let us quote a price for your next pole barn, storage shed, garage or the like this year.