What makes Outbuilders better than Lowes storage shed?

There are several differences between Lowes storage shed and Outbuilders. Lowe’s  are famous for company that specializing in home improvement. 

Before we begin with this article, it’s worth mentioning that it’s our company’s point of view that purchasing (or constructing) a shed that fulfills a premium quality specification deserves the additional charge. The shed will last much longer and look more suitable than less expensive options. When you’re planning to buy a shed, ensure to inspect the build quality and compare rates. We discovered that our local, privately-held shed company managed to build and supply a shed for almost the same price as the one from retail stores like Lowe’s, yet with a much better build.

For example, the prices contrasting Lowes shed panelized ‘do it yourself’ kit between Outbuilders is unbelievable. For instance, a classic 8 × 12 gable cedar kit price $2,999.98 at Lowes. On the other hand, Outbuilder’s classic Gable pricing is $2,495.00 (the price stated in this article does not resonate with future price adjustments). That is nearly $400 in savings! Plus, we build it for you! Isn’t that fantastic?

Given, cedar charges more so the price may be a bit more but even so, compared to a kit, we are less expensive and we build everything for you and according to your preferences. Therefore, if you buy a Lowe’s shed and have an someone construct it for you, you may invest way beyond having us building it for you. The regular price for a person to construct your shed (including labor and materials) will be about $800– $1500 thus for a finished and completed 8 × 12 gable will be $4500 compared to our $2500. That is mind-blowing!

To help you make a wise decision in buying a Central Oregon sheds, here are tips that you may consider: 

  • Stay clear of oriented strand board, particularly for roofing and auxiliary flooring. Try to find plywood building and construction, and specifically, 3/4 ″ pressure treated, tongue-and-groove plyboard for the flooring. 
  • Refrain from 2x3s, specifically if they have spacing far apart. Search for 2x4s no greater than 16 ″ on center. 
  • Look into the siding materials and roofing. Hunt for shingles with a minimum of a 25-year lifespan. 
  • Try to find rot-proof composite building materials. Search for high-quality doors that will not slump as time go on. 
  • Most of all, don’t compromise quality to spare a couple of bucks. If you intend investing $2000 on a shed, put in $500 additional and get a shed that is more valuable. 

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