Save More If You Choose Outbuilders Over Lowes Storage Shed 

We all know how famous Lowes storage shed is when it comes to their storage sheds. Yet, don’t you know that there are other companies who can provide and construct a better one at a much affordable price, such as Outbuilders.

Just a disclaimer before I begin with this article. I would like to state out that everything written in this article is the company’s point of view about constructing and purchasing a shed. That if you proceed with a shed that meets a premium quality specification means an additional charge is required. The shed will survive a lot longer and look preferable compared with cheaper selections. If you’re intending to purchase a shed, see to it that you thoroughly assess the build quality and consider the prices. We found that our local, privately-held shed companies succeeded in supplying and building a shed for nearly the exact same price as the ones you see from renowned stores such as Lowe’s, yet with a far better design.

For instance, the rates comparing Lowes shed panelized ‘do it yourself’ kit from Outbuilders is unimaginable. As an example, a traditional 8 × 12 gable cedar kit is worth $2,999.98 at Lowes. Meanwhile, Outbuilder’s classic Gable rates is $2,495.00 (the cost specified within this article does not resonate with future price changes). That is almost $400 in savings and we built it for you. Isn’t that fantastic?!

Given, cedar charges more so the price may be a bit more but even so, compared to a kit, we are less expensive and we build everything for you and according to your preferences. 

Therefore, if you buy a Lowe’s shed and have someone construct it for you, you may invest way beyond having us building it for you. The regular price for a person to construct your shed (including labor and materials) will be about $800– $1500 thus for a finished and completed 8 × 12 gable will be $4500 compared to our $2500. That is mind-blowing!

Provided, cedar asks for more charges thus, the price may be a bit more, however, when compared with a kit, we are less costly and we construct the whole thing for you and basing on your interests.

Consequently, if you purchase a Lowe’s shed and have an individual assemble it for you, you may spend way beyond your given budget. The normal rate for an expert to build your shed (providing labor and building materials) will be approximately $800– $1500 therefore for a completed and finished 8 × 12 gable, the total will be $4500 compared to our $2500. That is incredible savings!

To help you create a smart decision in purchasing a garden sheds Oregon or a storage sheds, here are pointers that you may take into consideration:

  • Stay away from oriented strand board, especially the roofing and secondary flooring. Search for plywood structure and construction, and particularly, 3/4 ″ pressure treated, tongue-and-groove plyboard for the floor surfaces.
  • Stay away from 2x3s, especially if you see gaps on them. Browse for 2x4s no greater than 16 ″ on its center.
  • Examine the siding components and roofing. Look for roof shingles with at least 25-year longevity.
  • Search for rot-proof composite construction materials. 
  • Look out for top quality doors that will not sag as time go on.
  • Above all, don’t compromise excellent quality just to spare a couple of dollars. If you plan to spend $2000 on a shed, allot an extra $500 and purchase a shed that is more worthwhile.

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