Suncast vanilla resin outdoor storage shed overview

Since we build sheds from scratch and are local using local materials, we thought it would be a good idea to review the Suncast vanilla resin outdoor storage shed. They are really popular around Central Oregon because they are so cheap. A 7×4 plastic shed costs around $799 and comes two colors. When you order one, you have to put it together yourself with nuts and bolts. You can order them online or buy at Lowes. It requires a level foundation and you have to make that.

From one Amazon review, “after a week in the sun the shed roof unsnapped from the front and rear support and side panels buckled. We struggled to get it to fit again and used self drilling #8X1″ screws to hold the roof to the front and back support. Still cannot figure out what to do for the side panels. Be careful when you store stuff inside the shed. The wall side panels are not strong and nothing can be leaned against them or they bend.” Is there a problem with the Suncast vanilla resin outdoor storage shed? Let’s read on.

After reading the other Amazon reviews on the above link, we found that plastic door hinges are common when ordering these sheds and hanging thing inside or on the walls is really tough because the walls are so thin. There is some support but if you want to place a table saw on the wall or the like, this simply will not do. Apart from being very nice looking and complimentary to any home ambiance, they really are only good for storing light things. Like for swimming pool accessories. You can build a wooden floor which can help withstand some weight but add $400 in materials to the cost.

You can easily knock down a door or a wall because the side and roof panels are very thin. But again it depends on what you do with it. If you need a shed that stores heavy things and can be used as a work bench, this will not cut it. However, for light things, this works great. We will leave you with a good review from a customer who came back and added to their 5 year old review, “took 4 hours by myself to put up the shed, and i’m about average size, strenth and aptitude. took 4 days to make a platform for it though. after reading up on this type of shed I expected that having an absolutely flat foundation was essential for assembling them. so i did a bit of overkill and built the wooden foundation as per the detailed plan included with the shed. matches my house, looks nice. fits my lawn tractor and all the gardening junk. <update> Addmendum, 2012. I’ve had this shed for 5 years now, and am as happy with it as I was on day one. It still looks and functions as nearly new, and gets some pretty hard use. I’m upgrading it from 4 star to 5 star based on longer term experience with it.”

It all depends on your needs, budget and short/long term goals. Spending the extra monies for a durable and sturdy shed may seem like a stretch for you, but in the long run, you will be much happier purchasing a shed from us!

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