How To Buy A Shed: Considerations & Questions To Ask When Buying A Shed

Investing in your garden’s outdoor shed Redmond Oregon might be a significant expenditure. Many homeowners may feel overwhelmed by the numerous available interior design options. Having a shed allows you to maintain order and cleanliness, but it can also serve as an eye-catching design element.

A shed is a great place to keep patio furniture, lawn mowers, and other yard gear out of the elements. Its multipurpose design is ideal for workspace, playroom, or creative studio use.

When shopping for a quality shed, there are several factors and essential questions to ask. You won’t be dissatisfied with your shed purchase if you learn how to modify it to fit your needs.

This article discusses the price and other important factors, such as specifications, materials, foundations, construction permits, design, insulation, etc.

If you read this entire guide to the conclusion, you’ll be prepared to shop for a high-quality shed with all the knowledge and insight you need.

Tips for Choosing a Shed.

The following are some things you should know when searching for a shed.

Is a building permit required for a storage shed?

Before deciding on a garden shed, you should check with the local zoning department in your city, town, or county to see if there are any shed regulations you’ll need to adhere to.

The strictness of local building ordinances varies widely. But as the homeowner, you must secure the building permissions before the shed is set up in the backyard.

If a storage shed is less than a specific size, it usually won’t cause a building permit in most areas. This ideally means no larger than 6×8 or 8×10 inches.

For instance, many municipalities prohibit the construction of sheds anywhere else than the backyard. There may also be rules about how big the shed can be. That footprint might not be allowed to take up more than a certain amount of your lot.

If your shed doesn’t meet local building codes, you could get a hefty fine, have to pay to move it, or even take it away.

Below are some general guidelines.

If your shed is used as a business office or residence, you may be required to apply for a building permit before installing an electrical supply.

There could be regulations about the distance the shed must be from neighbouring structures, trees, fences, and property lines. In some places, it’s against the law to connect a shed to your house.

There may be rules depending on the foundation type and the shed size.

Most homeowner associations have their own rules about storage buildings that are outside. Any homeowner who lives in a house with rules set by an HOA should find out what those regulations and stipulations are.

What’s the shed’s function?

The sort of shed you buy may depend heavily on the shed’s intended purpose. However, this is one of the most straightforward questions to answer.

Homeowners use storage sheds for various things, but the size and features of your shed will depend on how you plan to use it.

Sheds can be built in a wide variety of sizes, and it’s important to consider whether or not you’ll need extra amenities like windows, doors, shelves, and even window boxes.

Skylights, windows, sliding doors, storage, and even window boxes are all possible additions to a shed, and it’s essential to keep in mind the shed’s size and design while making these decisions.

You can find storage sheds in various premade sizes; in some cases, you can have the shed adjusted to fit your precise needs.


A little storage shed is less than 80 square feet in size. This space is perfect for stowing a gas can, a plant, a bag of manure or fertilizer, or even a push mower.

Look for a shed between 90 and 120 sqm ft. in size to store medium amounts of stuff. This garden shed is large enough to house snow blowers, heavy machinery, or even riding lawn mowers.


Large garden sheds are 144 to 288 square feet or greater. You may store a wide variety of items, regardless of size, in a big shed.

Sheds of sufficient size can be transformed into the perfect man caves, studios, workshops, or hobby rooms.

If you need more room in your storage shed but already have one on your property, you can buy an expansion kit to make it bigger. The instructions for such kits are also straightforward.

Ensure the garden shed’s door opening is big enough for the bulkiest object you intend to store inside before placing an order.

Consider how much storage you’ll need before purchasing a small garden shed in Redmond, Oregon.

Underestimating the space you need is a common mistake when shopping for a storage shed.

However, remember to think about any restrictions your locality may have. For instance, your current fence height may prevent you from constructing a shed of sufficient size. To be safe, it’s wise to examine the regulations twice.

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