You Can Turn a Shed Into a Toy House

Central Oregon, like many places, is full of children. A usual request from them is for their parents to build them a playhouse or toy house. Many go to Costco, purchase online or some drive to Toys R Us in Portland to pick one up, but assembly can be exhausting let alone the fact that most of them are plastic and can be blown away by the wind. A plastic toy house can cost anywhere from $250$6,000 depending on your style and taste, but a toy house is only temporary as children eventually grow up.

A great option is to either turn your current shed into a toy house, or have a shed built for one and later turn it back into a storage shed. We have had several clients purchase a used shed, which we delivered, and turned that into a play house for their kids. A few years later, the kids grew out of it and he eventually turned it back into the tool shed. Toy houses are really simple to build too. All it requires are a base, 4 walls, a door and a window. We build these all the time. They are called a Walker Cabin.

An 8×8 Walker Cabin with a door and a window will only cost $2,150 and your kids will love it. If your budget is smaller, you can purchase a Classic Gable (most popular) for $1,550. We can install one in just a few hours on your property. Classic Gable’s come with a wide barn door but the kids really don’t care. We can customize the Gable too by adding a window and a door so the options are available for any budget you may have. And remember, after the kids grow up, you can turn it back into a shed or even your own man-cave.

Outdoor sheds to playhouse is quite popular here in Central Oregon and can give the parents a much needed break because they are outside. Our sheds are water resistant with real shingles for roofs. They match your home and are the perfect birthday or Holiday gift your any toddler wanting their very own toyhouse. Consider converting your shed by purchasing a temporary shed online or contact us today for a free personalized quote.