Need a hobby room in Redmond OR – Why not a shed?

We have been selling more and more sheds for a hobby room in Bend, OR than ever before. A hobby room is a hub for creativity and serves the need to inspire artists or anyone who wants to create in their own enclosed room. Many use a spare room in their house which does really well, however, can become cumbersome if the house is filled with kids or pets. Some artists or collectors would rather not be disturbed and therefore have contacted us to build an outdoor shed that they in turn created their very own hobby room.

The most popular model for an outdoor hobby room has been the Cascade Cabin. From our website, “The Cascade Cabin is the classic Central Oregon outbuilding that works well as an office, playhouse, matching store room for your log home, an office or even a casita for additional guests.  Built with custom milled log siding, this 6:12 pitched roof shed is a beauty for all occasions and seasons.  One can add an eave extended porch roof or a gable end roof extension with or without the timber style truss for extra style points on a Cascade Cabin, windows, a windows front door, decks, pine lap interior or Breckenridge siding, insulation and the works!”

The idea of the Cascade Cabin came from a client whom wanted to turn their current shed (one we built for them recently already) into a hobby room. After they were finished, and with a little help from us, they were able to use it for a painting room. Mary B. wanted a place where her husband wouldn’t walk in and disturb her while she was painting. She also wanted a place where she could gaze out in her backyard overlooking the Crooked River. They also wanted the shed to look like an extension from their house so we helped match the paint and shingles so they matched perfectly.

But you do not need to go all out for a hobby room that feels comfortable. Our best seller The Economy Shed is a cheaper alternative in which you can add features later if needed. If your budget is tight and you want to get going on the project, this little shed will suffice until you can start adding insulation, sheetrock, mud, electricity and carpet “later”. We have many clients start with the Economy Shed and add the rest later. But if your budget has no end and you want luxury, consider our Tiny Homes or Studio which like the Cascade Cabin, offers great comfortability with several options like spare rooms, lofts and the like.

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