Looking for a Pet Palace in Bend, OR?

Pet Palace in Redmond, or anywhere in Central Oregon, is a must for any homeowner with outdoor pets. Shielding them from the extreme environments is a must and it also looks cool on your property. Some pet palaces look like an outdoor shed that matches the house while others look like a house all on its own. Depending on what you are looking for, there are many options you can choose from, but first, let’s examine what kind of pet you have and match it with one of our current options.

If you have horses, you might want to check out our pole barns or garages. If you do not see what you want, we can always customize one for you. A simple loafing shed could do the trick as well along with a lean to. Although these ideas are relatively small for horses, it really all depends on the kind of horses and your budget. Dogs and cats would be perfect with the former or one of our Gables. These sheds can be built with all different types of features from regular doors to barn doors including windows. Gables are one of our best sellers.

We actually have a page dedicated for pet homes. These are less expensive than Gables and depending on the customization, can be a better for your wallet. But let’s say you have an unlimited tap and want a mini house for your pet palace. We actually build tiny homes and mini houses that would be perfect for your beloved. We also have a studio which would work really well just like tiny house. And lastly, we have our infamous walker cabin. This cabin is perfect for a rugged look if your home has that already.

With over 8 options and thousands of customizations, Outbuilders is the perfect company to build your dream pet palace. Our pets are like family and if we cherish them as we should, building an outdoor building for them specifically is a heartfelt idea. We have written many articles about Central Oregon’s seasons and the extreme weather we have and an outdoor building for animals or pets just has to happen. Whether you are looking for a simple cost effective shed or an elaborate small home, we can build it for you!